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Vin Diesel's Mini Italian Skewers

Vin Diesel's Mini Italian Skewers

Mini Italian Skewers

1 pack refrigerated cheese tortellini

2 small packages of salami slices

1 lb. sharp white cheddar cheese (cut into ¼” cubes)

1 bottle Italian salad dressing

1 jar of olives

Cook the tortellini as directed, drain, and cool. Then marinate pasta in dressing (at least two hours or overnight) in refrigerator. Thread the tortellini, salami, cheese, and olives on each toothpick.

Mark Sinclair, known professionally as Vin Diesel, was born in California on July 18, 1967. His interest in acting began at a young age, and he was involved with theatre in New York City throughout his teenage years. Following high school, he enrolled as an English major at Hunter College, which inspired him to write screenplays. After three years, he dropped out of college and moved to Hollywood to further his acting career. He got his first break in Steven Spielberg’s movie, Saving Private Ryan. He is best known for his action role in “The Fast and Furious” series.

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Mr. Yuk™

Mr. Yuk™

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, you might remember green Mr. Yuk™ stickers that taught children about the dangers of poison in their homes. Mr. Yuk™ was created by the Pittsburgh Poison Center and was the first recognized poison prevention symbol in the U.S.
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Accordian Fold

In printing, an accordion fold is often known as a zigzag fold with six panels. Click here to see if you’re right!

If your printer mentions using an accordion technique, they really mean:

  • A musical instrument

  • A squeezebox

  • Two or more parallel folds that open like an accordion
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